Treat yourself to an "art break" with two new and exciting catalogs that feature the latest work added to Hans website.

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As Covid-19 upended life across the planet, Hans like many of you,
looked to his daily routine to retain balance and perspective. The
Abstract series painted between March and June 2020 interpret his
reaction to the uncertainty, chaos, isolation, separation, and
environmental demise of this time. Hans combines these paintings
with the Danish Party paintings as a reminder of the freedoms and
levity that parties, dancing and music brought to our lives, and will do
so again…
Hans’ chose a minimalist path for the NEW Wave series. Bold,
flowing multicolor waves overlay the movement and mystery of
simplified graphic silhouettes in No. 1-10. Powerful and bold texture
contrast the condensed tonal waves in No. 11-13. Hans intention
was for a series that would peak the imagination of the viewer,
whether in a residential or corporate setting. Don’t miss the Bonus
Pages with four Love Art paintings.