Danish Party - Memories of Copenhagen in the late Sixties and early Seventies, injected with a dose of Danish humor

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Danish Party Skaal!
36" x 60"

Too many "skaals" for this young lady waking up from a patriotic nap under the Danish flag


Danish Party After Midnight
36" x 60"

After midnight anyone can lose their head, (maybe even literally) but let's not go there tonight

Danish Party Hugge
40" x 80"

All the delicious elements of a Danish Party, an angry old drunk guy, a topless woman, a smiling fat man and a strange animal


Danish Party Dexter Gordon
36" x 60"

American Jazz musician Dexter Gordon blew his horn at an impromptu Copenhagen street fair...unforgettable!

Danish Party Dreaming in the Tub
36" x 60"

Danes often refresh for the "second round" while dreaming in the tub

Danish Party Let the Dance Begin
36" x 60"

Let the dance begin! My boy is ready but the guy to the right has had enough

Danish Party Disco Queens
60" x 40"

Discos changed Copenhagen night life forever. The beat goes on

Danish Party Viking Night
60" x 36"

Viking Night at the disco...far fetched and festive


Danish Party Midnight Appearance
48" x 36"

Who makes an appearance at midnight is anybody's guess

Danish Party Janis
36" x 60"

The guy in the lower right corner is all ears for Janis Joplin