Welcome to Hans Petersen Art

Abstract Expressionist Painter Hans Henrik Petersen - Always a Bold Aesthetic Experience – Powerful, Provocative Action Painting with Intriguing Biometric Forms. Stirring, Rousing, Stimulating Themes. Spirituous Colors and Textures.

Hans Petersen is an international artist. Danish born, he was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen. Though Hans’ initial studies were in architecture, his love of abstract expressionism intensified with inspiration from the CoBrA movement, especially Danish artist Asgar Jorn. To this day his work draws on this movement's basic principles of complete freedom of color and form that inject energy and excitement into his work. Hans began his professional life as a graphic designer, moving to New York City in 1976 to become a principal and creative director for a successful design firm. He relocated to Charlotte, NC in 1991, where his innovative graphic design style distinguished the world-renowned International Home Furnishing Center's promotional material for over 15 years.

The creativity that first emerged in grade school art classes with poster paint on butcher paper, matured to a love of abstract expressionism and sustained a career in graphic design, compelled Hans in 2005 to pursue life as a full-time painter. Hans’ passion for his painting is matched by those who collect and admire the scope, scale and dynamism of his work.

Currently, Hans resides with his wife Barbara in SC where he paints prolifically in his lake side studio.

Artist Statement: "Painting with impact brings me pleasure. I strive to infuse distinctive color, energy and character into my work to achieve excitement for myself and for others. If it goes unnoticed, it simply wasn't worth (while) painting.”